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Integral, IT based company

focused on meeting your needs; especially we can offer you efficient IT solutions of maximum advantage such as: software development, applications conducted on various technologies, Intranet network design, hardware maintenance etc. Committed to the local market we offer a special significance for Outsourcing also.


Integral Soft


Integral Soft can provide you SEO Services and advertising according to an appropriate marketing policy based on some statistics and analysis that we can perform on our customers demand.


Developing software applications, inclusive web pages. ERP and CRM systems that can greatly facilitate your business. We offer software on various platforms such as mobile, desktop, and web.


Integral Soft has the aim of organizing training courses especially in programming technologies, such as: . NET Framework , Java and Web Programming (PHP and web design).

What we offer

The main things Integral can do

If you need a website for your business, or sophisticated software like an ERP or CRM system, or maybe you need a certain consultancy related to the IT field, or you want to find out some expert opinion dealing with some issues that are difficult to overcome, you need hardware maintenance or an Intranet network design ?

Our company offers a wide range of such services. The variety of technologies that we work with allows us to develop various applications based on different platforms. Software integration and hardware maintenance also are related to our competence. We also organize training courses, giving place for knowledge achievements, mostly for developers, on such technologies like: Web Programming, Microsoft.NET Framework, Java.

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