Focused on meeting your needs; especially we offer efficient IT outsourcing solutions of maximum advantage. Hire dedicated developers on different technologies, from Eastern Europe, you can get proficient services, on time and on your budget, with just a call.


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The Main Things Integral can do

Looking for skilled and pationed developers ? Sophisticated software like ERP or CRM systems ? Or maybe you need a certain consultancy related to the IT field ? Or you want to find out some expert opinion dealing with some issues that are difficult to overcome ?

Our company offers a wide range of such services. The variety of technologies that we work with allows us to develop various applications based on different platforms. Software development and integration, adverising and consultancy, are also related to our competence. We organize periodicaly training courses, giving place for knowledge achievements, mostly for developers, on such technologies like: Web Programming, .NET Framework, Java etc.

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Our solutions

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  • Dedicated developers
  • Various technologies
  • Hourly or monthly rate
  • Agile development
  • Time and task management
  • Performance reports
  • Legalized contract based services

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